UN Headquarters to remain open during NJ Transit Strike
Posted on: Friday, March 11, 2016 12:00 am

In the event of a transit strike in New Jersey, UN Headquarters will remain open. Although such a strike may cause considerable inconvenience, staff are expected to report for duty in order for the Organization to serve its clients around the world. Staff who expect to be affected by the strike should consult their managers regarding any alternative transportation and working arrangements. 

Managers are requested to exercise flexibility for staff whose commute may take longer than normal and are encouraged to make use of staggered working hours, flexi-time, telecommuting, car pooling and other arrangements, to the extent possible and depending on exigencies of service for staff residing in areas which are impacted by the transit strike. The Business Continuity Management Unit/DM, in coordination with Security and Safety Service, NY/DSS will continue to monitor the situation. 



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